Disha is actively working on two use cases to develop scalable methods to enable data access, insight generation and impact for end users in this field. 

Damage Assessment

Socio-economic Mapping

Uses AI models to automatically identify damaged buildings from high-resolution satellite imagery following a disaster or conflict.  

By deploying AI-based analysis, the time needed to generate maps indicating damage to buildings and infrastructure can be significantly reduced. Additionally, the use of AI-powered damage assessment tools allows for the analysis of larger geographical areas, delivering valuable information on a broader scale.

Uses mobile phone data to estimate poverty levels by region. Known as “nowcasting”, this technique helps humanitarian organizations predict areas where people might need food or cash assistance. 

Additionally, by analysing mobile phone data, such as call patterns and top-up information, Disha aims to identify the locations of populations and detect major population movements into or out of specific regions. This real-time information assists in quickly locating affected populations during emergencies.